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28 Jul 2014 This mod makes your teenage female sims pregnant, woohoo, and Note: If you have the ultimate collection, download Inteen for Apartment Life and (2) the visitor is in love with one of the residents and (3) this Sim has at 

Inteen 4 Sims 4 - Teen pregnancy/marriage and all age romance enabler ALL Downloads ARE AT THIS Location NOW: >>>> >>>> >>>> Version 5 added more options http://www…

17 Sep 2018 By default, The Sims 2 doesn't allow for teenage pregnancy; Explore this Article Using Third-Party Hacks Putting Adults in Teen The installation instructions for these hacks are included in the download files. 3. Build up the relationship between two teenage Sims. Ideally, the Install Sims 2 Mods.

4 Sep 2008 Free Site. Home Cheats and tricks Cheats and Tips Squinge's Pregnancy mods Download from the list the Inteen version. This hack is not  Inteen 3 Mod Links and Installation instructions >>>Scroll down for Inteen updates NOTE: All passwords are case sensitive. You need the Resource.cfg file If you don't have a Mod folder in your Electronic Arts Document folder then create… Was playing the game today with my animations work (still sketchy) and using Inteen updated for Ambitions and decided to upload some shots. No download, so up yours AD85, you thief. **NOTE for a version of this mod see the Inteen 1.50 update (Inteen for Patch 1.50 & Sim University expansion), which is the most comprehensive version of Inteen (using switchable options) - go here for the mod links:https://lostaccount… Inteen 3 & Teen WooHoo Sims mods

This is my Sims 2 recommended mods list - all the mods that I personally use in my game. If you've seen a mod in one of my videos, it will be listed here. So what does this mod do? Basically what the title says. Now your sims can celebrate that much needed birthday and have a party and have fun! This mod adds new "Buffs" This mod contains new custom animations Custom animations include sounds/voices/effects/lip syncing Blood will come out of the sim's stabbed area & will have a stab wound once stabbed & toddlers will become bloody… Short Work mod changes every job to take half the normal work time. It does not change days of work, payment for work or when the work starts. Do your sims reminisce about the old Sims 3 days when just talking for 5 sim minutes gave you a full social bar? Well reminisce no more!

If some of you are wondering, you can download this just by checking out mod creator's account and clicking on "dl" button down the picture of this mod. Are you tired of your 3 story nightclub only having 5 sims? With this mod, there are always at least 15 sims in your bars, lounges and nightclubs. Are you ready for the first custom slider for The Sims 4? And do you also like shorter teens? Well, I've got you covered with my Height Slider This mod will give your Sims 4 male sims teen through elder their missing equipment. It will also make the male bottom visible as a clothing choice in CAS - click on Bottoms and clear any filtering options to find it. But shortly after they arrived, to my poor sims horror, the fruits of his labour were eagerly snatched away by his new helpers.

The inteen is very much a TS2 title I think, it may be called something different for TS3, but if you ask specifically for inteen you might only get answers from people who comes straight from TS2, even though better solutions may exist.

1 Mar 2013 Uber Taboo mod as part of Inteen  Sims 4 mod Inteen - all age enabler for marriage/romance/pregnancy. See main site for You can download my mods from here 1:32 ago; 4,633 views. Teen/YA marriage in Inteen running on Seasons (Sims 3) I've also made a video tutorial showing how to use and install these mods in 18 Hour Pregnancy – Sims will give birth 18 hours from conception instead of in 3  20 Sep 2014 Be sure to use The Sims 4 Mods Category Tag for future reference. SimsVIP does not assume any liability should 3rd party content damage i tried downloading the inteen pregnacy mod three times but sadly it takes me to  InTeenimater, often shortened to InTeen, is a mod for The Sims 2 made by Jase. It allows teens to WooHoo, become External links. Download InTeenimater  26 Mar 2016 Your rating: None Average: 10 (3 votes) "real" Downloads folder to avoid conflicts with your working mods. Your options: InTeen was one of the first teen pregnancy mods, if not the first and definative. The alternate pregnancy controller is available at Back Alley Sims, a site intended for players over 18. 11 Mar 2019 The Sims 4 makes it easier than ever: simply download the mod in icemunmun also brought back The Sims 3's cotton candy machine!

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Sims 4 Teen Woohoo/Pregnancy and Marriage Inteen Teen Menu updated Last update for a while. Plumbitivity // BOMB A** Traits | PT 3 Sims 4 Game Mods, 

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